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Information & Links

This is not
meant to be yet another general website about Lesvos,
so we've tried not to repeat too much information that is readily available elsewhere.

This section collects references to information, on- and off-line, which we hope will be useful and/or interesting.
Everything is available in English unless noted.
Please note that we have no relationship with any of the businesses or services mentioned (unless stated otherwise)
and can take no responsibility for any of them.
The emphasis is on the resorts in the north of the island, Molivos, Petra and Anaxos,
which continue to attract the majority of overseas visitors.

Note that at the end of 2010
national re-organisation of local government
abolished most small local municipalities and merged them into larger and hopefully more efficient authorities.
In Lesvos this meant that all local goverment is now controlled from Mitilene
by the newly-created Municipality of Lesvos,
ο Δήμος Λέσβου
While local town halls and offices remain open, it is not yet clear what long-term effect this will have on local services,
and this uncertainty has been aggravated by the on-going economic crisis in Greece

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